About Us

About the Project

This idea began as a way to bring people in the community together by hosting outdoor films and sporting events in our backyard on Bridge Avenue in Oho City. The outdoor viewing experience lent itself to a true feeling of openness and community engagement.  Wishing to expand on the viewer experience, we sought out filmmakers of short works. It became apparent at the onset that there was a robust supply of filmmakers and artists interested in participating in this sort of cultural festival: submissions and expected audience attendance surpassed expectations and the First Annual Ohio Film Festival, an outdoor event, was born.

Why:  The Ohio City Film Festival seeks to engage with the local community to present the work of artists and independent filmmakers in vibrant Ohio City. The outdoor festival creates collaborative relationships between filmmakers, artists, schools, colleges, and businesses.  As evidenced by the success of such film festivals as the Night and Day in Akron and The Miami Independent Film Festival (MINDIE), the demand for quality independent films will only continue to grow.

Expected Attendance:  100-200. The Festival will target a local audience of artisans,creators, and entrepreneurs living and working in Ohio City, Tremont, Hingetown, Downtown, and Lakewood.  The OCFF will strongly encourage the attendance of all participating filmmakers.

Contact: Tom Bogart - ohiocityfilmfestival@gmail.com | 440-503-7978